Changes in Review Standards

Just curious to see how other business owners feel about this new review system?  I don't see anything good coming from it at all.

Also anyone else wondering when  Booking.com is going to align with industry standards and let us rate our guests?

Lee Clements

I agree with you and the many others who have stated your concerns - since the new system has been introduced we have been dragged down from 9.8 to 9.6! Booking.com say that some reviews we can see have not been published but we cannot respond to the review and booking.com remove the option for us to reply.... so some reviews are anonymous, probably from guests who have their own issues and then leave a less than positive score..and we suffer... NOT GOOD AT ALL; BOOKING.COM SHOULD BE LOOKING AFTER THEIR PARTNERS... 


Glad to hear we are not alone!  Booking.com likes to refer to us as "Partners" but we sure are not treated like partners!