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Coming soon, update on the Partner Hub!

Dear Community,

We are working on making some changes to the Partner Hub. We know you are super busy, so we will be adding a save function so you can save posts and articles right to your profile. 

As we are working on this now and we want to hear from you - what would you want to save? 



 How is that different to the MY Posts , My Comments?

It means if you want to save a topic for later to refer to such as a Partner MAde Guide, and you had not previously replied to it,


You could now bookmark it.

Sergei - Commu…

Hi BrookAve! Yes, bookmarking is, of course, an option but no a perfect one. Especially when you change the browsers and devices. 



I see why you would think that,

but fun fact,

most browsers in the last 3-5 years introduced sync account features

to sync a profile and its bookmarks and save passwords etc across all devices.








and clones.



but it turns out what I was referring to above was not that. I meant  that the new feature would be a 'bookmarks list' under a new tab your Partner Profile.


Thats how I thought ye might be implementing it. and what I was originally referring too.


Kind Regards


Sergei - Commu…

Yeah, exactly. The synchronization of devices and systems is indeed much smarter nowadays and gives a lot of opportunities. But still not a perfect solution for many users. I guess this will change in the future. 

The "bookmarks list" in the Partner Profile is what we are working on. :)