Did you know about the New Genius programme tiers?

Hi everyone,

Did you know the Genius programme now has two extra levels for guests?

Genius is our way of connecting properties with our most loyal, reliable and highest-value guests. If you join the programme, you’ll get extra visibility on Booking.com, as well as a little Genius tag next to your property name – something that’s been proven to increase sales. 

We’re updating the Genius programme to include three different levels for guests, each with a different set of perks.

Are any of you already part of the Genius programme? What do you think of the updates?


M Adamopoulou

Hi Ilaria I love this new Genius tag.. it will certainly help our visibility and sales...

Thanks for caring and sharing...

Ilaria - Commu…

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Maria.

Have a nice day ahead,


Isle of Wight …

Genius is not so good. Yes, discounts get us more bookings, but Genius and other big discounts mean we have to increase prices to make money. And because we have to increase prices, anyone not in Genius doesn't get the discount. So although we can get more bookings, we can also lose some.


I would prefer it if Booking.com stops inventing new ways to discount discount discount and becomes more like other OTAs. There are dozens of bugs and issues with Booking.com policies that need resolving.


We left the old Genius program due to the poor quality of guest it attracted and the discounting to benefit BDC but NOT the individual host.

The basic qualification is also far too low, I would suggest the qualification as being a minimum amount of bookings within a year period, rolling from the first fulfilled booking and at least 3.

Higher grades should host specific ONLY. 

M Adamopoulou

This year all of my cancellations were from Genius but the ones that came were all very nice, positive and polite people.

I agree though with fluff that bookings should be at least 3, so I think this three new levels in Genius is better.

Wish everybody a beautiful weekend.

Leandri Klopper

Hey Forum,

I have varied experiences with Genius guests on different properties. One of the properties loves our Booking.com guests (mostly genius guests) and they rarely cancel. But another one of my properties' cancellations are all Genius guests. I'm currently looking into saving this property from cancellations (which is oddly accepted by the Booking.com platform without my approval, waived cancellation fee and everything). And I see the Dynamic Pricing option within the Genius Hub. 

I think the fact that Booking.com constantly adding stuff is great. For instance I think the Tiers that they are adding to the Genius programme is an excellent idea because then guests will think twice before they cancel of muck about at the property. I do agree with you Fluff about the discounting discounts, I'm at the point where my daily rate is massively high and then I add Booking.com's discounts onto it until it's the actual rate I need. 

Hoping this new Genius Tiers works well. 

Keep well. 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Leandri for sharing your experiences and thoughts about Genius.

Wish you a wonderful day!!!