Discount Guests

Hallo everyone,
I am sactified with booking.com since 80% from my bookings come through them and l find there system easy to use.
My only Problem is that l have realized or come to the Experience that most of the Guests Sitting and Waiting for good Discounts online to make a booking, they are really negatively special. This group of People (sure not all But 60% of them) they always have something negativ to complain about, they always try to demand more Extras even though l give the same Services to everyone, mostly they still try to have a longer check out even though the rules are Clear, they come more people than they booked officially with the excuse this two will olny stay for a Night or two!! They steal something in the Apartment, there children urinate on the bed and leave the house in a Mess behind for the owners to clean!!! And if not enough they try to leave a negative Comment online!.
Is there anyone Facing the same issues? Your Comments will really be appreciated.
Erlebnisurlaub Laboe.


Thats terrible, but yes you are not the only one.


Always report them and tick the blacklist option