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Does have a "Users Manual"?

Dear Kind People, When I am in high season it is difficult to have enough time to comb through Partner Hub looking for an answer to my questions. Telephoning to from where I am takes 20 to 25 minutes. Is there a guide somewhere?

I do very much appreciate everyone here that take the time to answer our questions.

Thank you in advance

M Adamopoulou

Dear Nancy, welcome to the Partner Community.

I really dont think there is a manual!!!  

If you search in the Partner Help by content you will find anything it may concern you.  Its better than a Users Manual... and of course this Partner Community has many excellent partners that are always willing to help and support partners.  This Community is a gem!!!

Please, upload your profile photo and introduce yourself.

Wish you a beautiful day.


Nancy Herfield

Thank you for your answer.

Too Bad! A manual of some sort would have been so helpful to know the advantages and limitations of before joining. I have been mislead by the website's look. Example is, under Payment > Credit card details. It turned into "not allowed to see credit card details." I lost income because I did not know I would never be allowed to see the guests credit card details be compensated for no shows. That piece of knowledge took hours on the telephone to get.



Isle of Wight …

I posted at least 12 times in the last week about this ..... ask to set up Payments by .... have a look at my profile to see the comments I've previously posted about this .....

M Adamopoulou

Dear Nancy, so sorry to hear about that.

You are the begining everything is complicated.

In Greece we have a saying...if you dont pay you dont learn..

This Partner Community is very please search your way...before you proceed to actions that might lead to loosing income...

Wish you a beautiful day and please introduce yourself...


Nancy Herfield

Thank you for your answers. You have been very helpful. Now I can continue to partner with Booking