Does Sync calenders really work?

 Hi, everyone!

I am thinking in joining Airbnb also (besides Booking) to boost my property reservations during winter time. But I can only do that if Sync calendars really work between Booking and Airbnb. I don´t have the time to deal with overbooking issues...

What is your experience with this?

Thanks for your input!


M Adamopoulou

Hi! M-Epifanio and welcome to the forum. I have synchronized my calendars and it really works. No overbooking has occurred since now. That might happen only if guests make a reservation the same moment.
I wish you good luck.

AG Lodging

It does work. Be sure to make links in both directions. That is:
- Go to Airbnb -> export -> go to Booking -> import
- Go to Booking -> export -> go to Airbnb -> import

In his way, when guest reserves your property at one service, it will be automatically marked as reserved at the other.

M. Adamopoulou said that overbooking might happen only if guests make a reservation the same moment. Synchronization is done automatically, at some regular time periods. If you want to do it immediately, you can do it manually, by clicking update/refresh (both Airbnb and Booking have it).

M Adamopoulou

Hi! AG-Lodging and welcome to the forum. Synchronization works. Booking.com informed that overbooking might happen only if guests make a reservation the same moment. So I thought to share it with you.
Happy holidays!!!

Wayne Cahoon

New to the linking idea. What is needed and how much does it cost to do this linking. I use booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotel Bonanza and Webervations right now and want to add Airbnb.

Wayne TGH B&B Owner

PS I use a photo of my B&B as you can't even tell it's me in a close up photo.


Help please, I can't find/see the option sync calendar. When I go to my listings and choose one all I see is

I was following these instructions
How to import or export a calendar

Depending on your property type, this option might be available to you.

To import or export calendars, you need to have:

  • a single-unit property (i.e. sell a maximum of one unit per room type).
  • a maximum of one active rate category.
  • a Booking.com calendar view that shows 30 days at once. You can switch to this view under Your Calendar Settings on the Extranet's Rates & Availability tab.

Want to make sure your Availability is accurate across all online channels? There are 2 ways to do this:

M Adamopoulou

Hello!-Vazquezaleks and welcome to the forum.

Swich to your montly calendar. Go to the bottom left hand side and you will find import-export calendar. Using your URL address you will manage to sync your calendars.

Wish you luck...


Inn the official docs from Booking.com it's mentioned, that this sync is not instant and as far as I know normally it might delay up to 6 hours which is not very fast. ;(

The proper way is to use channel manager, then you can think various channels without any risk of double booking. There are many players on the market, but as for a newcomer, I advice to take a look to Effective Tours - they are truly the most affordable channel manager as the monthly fees starting from $5 which is actually a pint of a beer ;)   

Assaf Kavor

The main problem is the frequency of the Sync...  Sometimes it's just once in 2 hours, it should export every time there is a new booking. The problem mainly occurs on exporting and not on importing.

Please provide instruction on how to make the sync happen on every new booking or every 5 minutes (if there is a way to do it).

Hopefully someone can help on this one.

Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi Assaf!

Calendar is actually not in real time…

Double bookings may occur…

I personally update my calendar every time when I receive a reservation…


Wish you well.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Elena!

Hope your guests are excellent!!!

Wish you all the best and have a nice day!

elena pagrati

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