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Double bookings...

Hi....Does anyone else have problems with double booking their property?  We have two properties in the Scottish Borders and have just received another double booking.  It is entirely booking.coms fault as our calendars have been sync'd with AirBnB for over a year now.

This happened last year twice and although one party were very understanding and cancelled their booking and went elsewhere, the other party was really obnoxious, gave me dogs abuse down the phone, threatened to ruin my business etc etc.  It was entirely booking.coms fault, and I got no help from them whatsoever.  

Both times it seems to have occurred when a property was booked, then the booking was cancelled and another booking made for the same time afterwards.  Sound familiar to anyone?

It happened again today, but luckily our other property was free for the relevant dates so I was able to move them.  I see in the rules, that if we had had to find them alternative accommodation elsewhere, we would have had to pay the cost!!  Really???

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.



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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Steve and welcome to the Partner Community.


Unfortunately, sync is not in real time and double bookings can occur...

To avoid double bookings a channel manager is a solution....else you have to sync your calendar manually after you receive reservation....

Hope this helps ?