(EDIT) Spam posts in the community

As some of you might have noticed our community received several spam posts on August 13th. Our team saw this issue right away and has been working hard to resolve it. 

August 14th update: We have temporarily adjusted our authentication process, which means new members may need to wait 24 hours before they are able to post. In addition, we have paused all platform email notifications. Please be sure to check your post page frequently for any replies, as you will not be notified via email. 

We will keep you updated on any additional changes.  

Thank you for your patience, 

Brooke & the Communities team 

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Désirée van Schaick

I am guessing you are reacting to the messages with screenshots I sent to the contact email address earlier today. Actually this has started several days ago, not this morning.

1 month ago
Brooke - Commu…

Thanks for your comment Désirée, yes we had noticed. However they escalated significantly this morning.Thank you for all your help. 

1 month ago

it was the same person doing it , this particular spammer started yesterday midday called themselves Mamma Winnie or similar.


posted about 20 across 30 minutes.


Then last night when i awoke i discovered  a different account with very similar name mamma xxxxx , had across 2 hour period  posted alot more.


I knew this was preventing the unanswered list from showing the real recent unanswered topics, so i did a quick copy paste to reply to each one of the mamma posts to remove from the unanswered list and into the recent list.

it works  due to the design of this forum, and how replying pushes a topic across and then down once newer topics appear. by 2am i had them all gone from the unanswered list.


I knew also it would only be a matter of time before they might attempt it again.


So I spoke to some friends of mine (we're all IT  people), brain storm a potential long  term solution.


Some Ideas included:

  1. Force mandatory new registrations to first answer a Captcha puzzle  as a Human Check.  
  2. Add a email code check to verify the email address that needs to be entered as a stage 2.
  3. Stage 3 would be validate a madatory mobile phone number, send a SMS and user must then input it to confirm stage 3.


Some food for thought.





1 month ago
M Adamopoulou


Thanks for valuable information....

Hope things get back to normal as soon as possible...

Wish everyone a nice day.

1 month ago

looks like same spam attacker is back as of 05:30 IST UTC +1

on these accounts  eve evans

Maria Donald, mboko kyotera,

sam mpho


they are manually registering and waiting for the posting priviledges to go active, so the waiting one day to post is not a deterrant.



I've now bumped 20 pages plus of 8 topics posted between all those account out of unanswered.


it looks like they are still active right now too. i see some new posts appearing.. how sad.


Communities Team  

Brooke - Community Manager   Community Admin  

1 month ago


clearly adding a registration delay is not the right tactic,


instead make 3 of us moderators , limited to dealing with such things and we'll put a stop to it alot quicker.

such as can temp ban an account, and if an account has a status of temp ban , all associated postings are invisible from the lists until the main moderators can review and then perma ban


I can see from the time stamp, its at least 2-3 accounts, new every x hours for y hours, even with only 25-30 seconds apart in some cases.


may be add a feature to limit account posts to 2 every 30 minutes??


Brooke - Community Manager  

Communities Team  


the worst part is the damage to the rep of this site, and partners new and old not being able to post and have someone see it to reply to it.



26 days ago

Hi BrookAve! Thank you for your help! 

24 days ago