Do You find problems with Expedia Partnership? I recently joined in with them and they managed to overbook me within a week that I signed the contract. Customer service seem to be very difficult and never at fault. Their extranet is also unfriendly... The problem is that Expedia's partners are hotels.com, homeaway, trivago and many more great booking sites. If I choose not to work with them, it means I have to sacrifice those booking sites...

Much appreciate if you could give your opinion. Thank you

Villa Soumela

That's not very nice to hear. ...I am thinking of joining it too.

How much do they charge for reservation?


Their extranet is not the friendliest in the world, overly complicated without reason.

Customer service is erm, patchy.

However, for us they have risen from being a poor also-ran to our number three provider (BDC #1, direct #2) without detracting from others so we have extra trade now.

If you really want a headache try Agoda! The biggest mickey takers out there at the moment.

Fancy a sudden 20% discount slashed off your rates in high season just because they feel like it? Agoda is your go to! They also, here at least, have the very worst support(sic). A few Anglo Saxon expletives spring to mind when their name crops up..... frustrating to the enth degree. (they used to be ok but the last year or so has seen them spiral out of control)

Villa Soumela

thanks @fluff, for your input.

so you are saying it makes sense to be listed on Expedia. - I've got few inquiries from booking, so am ready to try something new.

As for Agoda, is it part of Expedia network?

I don't quite understand "a sudden 20% discount slashed off your rates in high season just because they feel like it". Do they throw a promo without the owner's consent? How much commission do they charge? Right now Booking.com is charging 20% for my area!!


Q) Do they throw a promo without the owner's consent?

A) YES! Exactly that. It's extremely difficult to get them to remove it too. I have 2 retaliations to it, 1 is massively increasing my rates with them and 2 is closing out the rooms for the dates in question. They can then only draw rooms from affiliate agents, like BDC who are owned by the same company as owns Agoda. I am very seriously playing with the idea of dumping Agoda entirely, wayyyyyyy too much trouble.

Q) How much commission do they charge?

A) I'm paying 20% :(

As for BDC @20%, that is the highest I've heard of, what part of the world are you in? Do you have "Preferred Partner" (thumbs up next to your listing in search listing) program running?

Where I am we have 15% standard, +3% PPP if selected, + min.10% Genius program if selected.

BTW, with Expedia, their standard set up (here) is 15% standard +10% member/"fenced" discount. Be aware of that when setting up your contract, you may be able to avoid the extra 10%.

Villa Soumela

Thanks so much for your detailed input. Good to know about Agoda - is it a way to avoid it at all?

Thanks also for the tips on the standard set up fee. Am I right that I can opt out for 10% member/"fenced" discount?

In terms of the booking.com commission, I was shocked when I realised it this year. My property is in Greece and it was standard 15% as of last year. So the 20% is a real surprise as I found it out by myself!