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I started a Facebook page for my Bed and Breakfast business a few years back. I don't spend money on Facebook advertising and I have over 100 followers to date. Do other hosts  find it  a worthwhile marketing tool ?


I do find it a productive tool in several aspects. I make sure to post upcoming events in town as well as upgrades to the property. I also use it when I need to advertise for a new staff member. I have received a significant amount of candidates without spending any dollars. The following is increasing as I make sure to stay current with even little theater or local concert events.

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How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

Sometimes they say spend $30 as promotion to reach 13,000 people.

Do they auto renew the adds we make, so you have to go on paying and unable to cancel.


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Since I do not apply the "boost" option to my event or job postings, I do not know the answers. I do know that I receive responses/viewings and applications without spending any money.


We get a lot of 'likes' and 'interested'. But generally find the likes are the same crowd all the time which doesn't hold a lot of value and those interested in our event weekends doesn't translate into bookings. Mostly I feel I am talking to myself and I do it because they say you 'have to'. I've never found it to be the source of bookings but it is another avenue for reviews. We deliver breakfast and find them all taking photos but they never tag so again, their friends may see it but not so much value for us. We make a conscious effort to tag and like other local accommodation providers but don't find they bother to reciprocate which is a little disappointing. So it's a tool but we find not so much a revenue generator.


I would say at least half of our "walk-in" trade is generated by FB & IG together.

I'm by no means a social media king, pretty naff at it actually, it seems just that presence is enough to get peoples attention.

I post local events/holiday and a few other things I manage to remember to photograph but I guess I struggle to make one post a week (I'm not put together that way and maybe some lethargy towards SM so I really should try harder).


I do use Facebook to promote our motel. The biggest advantage is being able to post upcoming events, both big ones and the everyday theater presentations, walks, parades, etc. I also use it, when necessary, to post for jobs and get a decent amount of response. I don't pay for "sponsoring" so there is no cost to our budget.