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Flying with to please guests.

Hi Partners, 

Greetings to you from Bangalore, India.

It has been a great start with and already we seem to be flying together. I have been a guest in many hotels, guest houses all over the globe and never thought that in later years I will become a host.

I am enjoying every part of it. The challenge is to maintain the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our apartment at Bangalore. The challenges include hard water that quickly stains the amenities, the domestic help ( cleaners that we get here) who do not understand the expectations of the guests, the weather conditions & dust ...etc. We have achieved some amount of success as the guests have not rated us low but we keep our fingers crossed.

I did have difficulties ( teething issues) with our great partner but it all seems to be getting settled - thanks to the team who are always ready to understand the issues and respond timely & positively.

I saw the topic posed by Laura. If I had an opportunity to go back in time, I will certainly do everything the same way but with more understanding of the humans around. Life is all about our interactions, love, affection, friendship, and extended a helping hand where ever possible ..... .

Our life has been great, god has been very kind. 

I have a great life partner - my boss / wife / motivator - a great human with much more patience and love & affection than me. We have a son who lives with his wife at CA, USA and a daughter who is also married and at present lives close by. A grand daughter from our daughter is our bundle of joy who has just turned three. 

We are looking forward to a 3 month trip to USA starting middle of Feb 19.

I, my wife and children have traveled a lot to different parts of the world - stayed at lovely homes with great hosts ..... life has been a great ride that goes on. 

We hope to reach out and host more travellers in our property ( now we have 2 attached with .....all the time flying with

We wish all partners - a very happy, healthy & prosperous new year and many more to come.

best wishes to all,

Ganesh Shastri

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Laura, Communi… 3 years ago

Hi Ganesh, a very warm welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your experience so far as a host, it's nice to hear how you've settled in. Your upcoming trip to the USA sounds very well-deserved.

And yes, life is indeed a ride :)