Genius customers, on/off toggle for promotions?

Something that has always annoyed me, why do Genius customers get 10% additional discount (for VERY little qualification) on top of any promotional discount?

If I choose to broaden the net it should be just that, it also makes keeping parity more of a headache. 

I would like this to be selectable against other discounted promotions.

What do you good folk think?

Thuild - Your …

Dear fluff,

Yeah, it would be normal to work like that, however BDC uses the Genius discount to have the "Best Price" on the market, that's why they have the "Guarantee" in place.

I just make sure that my rates are modified according to each promotion so that even though they book it with Genius, I still have parity on other channels. Harder to follow and set up, but possible.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com


Yes Thuild, I currently do exactly the same but still think it would be a good feature (unfortunately more so for us than BDC so probably unlikely to happen).

Obviously member discount is not unique to BDC, so it's only opaque offers that the guarantee covers.


We do the same too Zsolt.

Given that to become a Genius a guest only has to make 2 reservations within 2 years, soon there will be more Geniuses that regulars.



I've recently had this facility added by a different OTA on request.

With them, I can now choose my promotion, set it up and then finally choose if OTA -Member discount is additional or not. Curious note is, over the last 2 months I've seen my BDC bookings decline and the aforementioned OTA bookings increase by a similar number.