getting a bit tired of looking for guests that can't find our place.

Just blocked the property for a few days. Breathing space.

Some guests didn't know how to find us. When they finally arrived I did explain about routefinders without the Wifi.

it took 3 hours of our sleep. And 7 hours of our day. The guests did pay, were friendly and tidy. But favourite guests? .....hm......Still waiting for that one easy device that shows us instantly where we are and where to go. Especially to those not technically naturally gifted. I am off painting more signs, and put them everywhere  ( I wish, it's not allowed - council rules) 

So now slowing down, doing some garden therapy. Never mind. 

Smelling the roses. And off to bed early.


Aaltje B. 


Aaltje B.

No it isn't. I just used google maps in the city and it worked amazingly well, but near my home people get confused, especially in the dark. no lights, no one to ask. small roads, gravel,

Anyway, it is more of a language barrier I think, Marco. This is affecting people who don't speak or read English very well. Yes, it happens to ladies more often then men I have to say.

(Any lady around who can develop a routefinder system for ladies?? haha)

Never had it happen so many times as this year. Feel like eliminating the country, but that would be discriminative.

I did attach a template, an extra map - enlarged - to my guests, with all the streets clearly marked, and still.....The last people refused to accept that GPS doesn't work in the wop wops, and kept driving in circles, for 5 hours. She told me where she was by phone, thank G'd that worked!. We changed from yamies into day- clothing again and went to drive to the place where they said they were. Hubby not in a great mood I tell you.

Not a sign. That took us an hour. Went back home again after we got a phone call from police. Where we lived? We confirmed we were the hosts. She explained to guests where to go .The driver was ticketed twice for not driving properly that day as well.

They happened to be near us at that time of ringing by cellphone but got the name wrong hence we drove away from them. :(

Ah well. The price I pay for being a good host. There are still too many guests who don't read their messages, or check their mails before arriving and that frustrates me the most.



Aatlje B.


That can be quite frustrating.

Maybe you can try to which nearest point to your home google maps can drive you, maybe it is not that far.
You could also record a video and put it on youtube (last few KM drive to your place).
Example: https://vimeo.com/68042883

Create templates in different languages with route directions to your home.

Some guest leave their phone number (usually mobile), you can send them a message with google maps link with marked destination. Example: https://goo.gl/NVDN8Q

I've noticed that a lot of guests uses WhatsApp, I also recommend this app as a point of contact, it's very handy.


The video is so good (no language barrier :) Did you use app to create it? And do people actually watch it?

Aaltje B.

Thank you Marco! That is a very detailed and informative answer. I will check out the ideas.

How can I translate things, and how do I know it is actually saying what I want (correct translation)

The phone number of people that is showing in BDC 's reservation is often that of their home country and very expensive to use and is often a homeline too instead of cell phone number. How do I get hold of them if they don't or can't use the phone.

And how can I what's app them if I don't have their details. I thought they have to give permission first to be added to my list. And do I have to delete that name and number again after using is one or two times? I do use what's app.

Often coming here they change the chip in their phone, would I still be able to reach them?

The changing of chip is often a reason why payments won't go through. Tricky ! and guests are so surprised...but that is another subject.

Cheers Marco


Aaltje B.

M Adamopoulou

Aaltje B I think we are a matching couple...
This post of yours has hit me right in my heart...
My biggest problem and worry is if guests will find their way to my property. My name address is Omirou but in google maps it doesn't exist it's unnamed. When guests search in GPS for my address it takes them to a totally different address to another neighborhood in my area.
So guests get frustrating and when they call me in I tell them to stay where they are and I go and meet them at their point.
This means bad location review.
Thankfully in my listing the map pin is in the correct spot, so in location info, I inform guests that in order to find my property they have to use the pin on the listing map. Before arrival date I send them a message about this location detail. This has helped a lot the situation, but the location issue keeps on worrying me.


Hi Maria,

I had a business that was located in the building, that was not on Google maps. It was not hotel business, so having clients arriving every hour 24/7 was a big frustration.

I wrote to Google maps support and in about 2 weeks time the building appeared on the maps. The building on satellite and the number of the building itself.

I hope you can do it also as Google maps are more used rather than Booking map.

Another way to "help" Google maps to pick up your address is to create Facebook business page with correct address. After some time Google maps will pick up the adress from Facebook.


Katerinka It's my friend's video who is also a host. It has 2000 views.
You can edit with any basic program available I guess (or even app).
This was my video aprox 15 years ago with one take, driving while recording in one hand, keeping it as a memory :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNPu15Qx6go

There is no optimal solution to this issue. These are just few steps that it may be helpful to some future guests.

For my templates (welcome message, house rules,...) i simply used google translate in 5 different languages. It's not optimal, there are probably some mistakes, but still understandable. Try to put it short and simple. Google translate is quite accurate though.

You don't WhatsApp them. Guests will WhatsApp you. It's basicly free and guests also don't want to spend on a phone bill. This is my part of template:

"Dear Guest

We would like to thank you for choosing our accommodation.

Please note that we are not always on site but the main entrance is always open and in case of emergency you can reach us at the following number:
+386 40 210 210

+386 40 640 627

Few days before guest arrival or on the day of booking I would send a special template to your place (with description, directions, google map link, video, point of contact...) For those who will read this information can be quite helpful.

Facebook business page is also a very good idea for sure. And "Google my business".


My place is so easy to find as "just cross the road". I have noticed that some people (few of them) somehow feel finding the place is responsibility of the host and not the guest.

Before I wouldn't think who has to contact first on WhatsApp (and Viber). But after having some scammers who will use it as their complaint ("host didn't contact me right away") I am lucky, that I send messages right away and initiate them, so there is a time record and my good faith to contact the guest.

"Not contacting right away" is a very big problem with Airbnb as their Host Standards demand you must be available to the guest anytime during stay (even in the middle of the night). Last night scammer tried to use it sending me messages at midnight thinking I will not answer as I might be sleeping (and I wasn't), asked for refund from Airbnb and peacefully went to sleep...leaving me awake whole night talking to Airbnb support, which demanded I must be always available.

Anyway, its another topic and I might open it in separate thread.

Joe's Lookout …

AAltje our place is in a rural area too. Some people drive around in circles even though there are not many places to go. We use landmarks (one is another accommodation) and sometimes we put up coloured ribbon on some bushes. I have a property manager that generally greets guests in town and then drives them to our property (unless it's at night). But they stay min 5 nights...so might be different for you. I like the ribbons though...

M Adamopoulou

Katerinka12 thank you so much for informing me. My problem is a bit complicated. My property is shown on google maps. The problem is with the street name. Our street name is not an official one. We the residents of our hill area have given personal names to our streets but are not officially registered!!! So when guests search for Omirou Str. they find Omirou Str. but in other neighborhoods. So that’s why I recommend to guests to use my pin spot in my listing... since my street name is officially unamed.
Hope I have made it clear for you.
Thanks again for helping me out.


Do you have assosiation of residents or some other entity to recognize the street? I think convincing Google maps support is a way easier than convincing local government. For that reason the request should be sent. Just a chance, why not :)

M Adamopoulou

You are absolutely right Katerinka12. Thanks I will try with google why not. Even this is hard for me since you know my internet network doesn’t exist.... I will though..
Thanks my lovely girl..

M Adamopoulou

Katerinka, you are 100% right about guests thinking that its hosts responsibility to find the property.

Most of my European guests from Finland, Denmark, France, Romanian, Russia etc.etc.have found my property without having problems. I think the ones having problems with my location dont know how to find their way using GPS routes. So unfortunatelly even though guests are not acquainted with using google maps, its us that have to teach them how to find their way to our place!!! I dont mind that but leaving me a low review for location I mind, since its not really my fault. Google maps is the only solution in my case.

Thanks Katerinka and take care...