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Ilaria - Community Manager

Great Advice June Roundup

Hi everyone,

Everyday, many of you spend hours sharing your expertise and giving great advice.

We thought it would be good to share a monthly roundup of the great advice we have heard from you.

"Hi dear, you can find an alternative for your guests by your own or you can contact let them relocate for you. But this choice could be expensive for you, as the guest may take advantage of the situation. I suggest to find a same place with same rate (or agree with them) and tell the guest that due to a problem you unfortunately have to relocate him. Last chance, if it's a booking with credit card, you can try to denie the credit card. Cheers" - Adriano Gissi 

" Hey Royalmailhotel, I recently played around with where the emails go to. When you are logged into the extranet, top right corner on Account there is an option :Contacts. There you can specify who gets emails for what.  If you want to be notified about reservations, make sure you are listed under Central Reservations and Reservations. Best of luck"  - Leandri Klopper 

"If you switch your calender to 'List' (top right of the calendar screen) you should have a bulk edit button.  You can then do a multiple selection.Otherwise contact the helpdesk and they can help.  You should probably contact them and let them know you only want to do 12 months at a time and they will be able to change this for you." - Sharonpowney  

"i think the best way is from the "calendar and pricing" menu option and if you scroll to the bottom you will find be able to set the price per occupancy"- jaybeegee  

" You must first create a listing for the new units. Once you have completed the process, including verification, you may then add the new units to your existing account. As Sharonpowney said you may also be able to add the units by consulting with BDC staff, assuming said units are on the same site with the same physical address." -  fluff  

" Hi Emmanuel and welcome on board. As soon as guests make reservations bookings are immediately confirmed. Depending on your policies they can later cancel free of charge or not. Unfortunately most guests don’t reply to our messages..Wish you luck."-  M Adamopoulou

Feel free to join me and express your gratitude in the comments below using the @mention so partners can be notified.

- Ilaria 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Ilaria and thank you very much for your appreciation.

As I have written in a another thread since I only have one Studio and I am retired I have plenty of time, especially in the wintertime, therefore it’s my pleasure to help other partners as they help me.

This Partner Community has so many incredible partners with so wide experience in the tourism industry that it works for me like a treasure box....

Thanks to partners like Michael, Katerinka12, Leandri, fluff, pibomarco, Aaltje, Moira, and so many more, I have found amazing solutions to vital problems. Their recommendations and suggestions have been very helpful.