Guest double Booking

guest booking by agoda n booking on the same day.

at agoda are fully paid, so we gv guest checkin by agoda.

but we mark as no show at booking.com.

booking.com also charge the cimmission.

so?? guset double booking. n also hotel problem??


Thuild - Your …

This is on you. If you don't use a channel manager or if you don't close out the booked dates, it's your problem to solve.

Therefore you will have to do a relocation for the BDC guest.

Good luck with that as it will cost you a lot of money.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com


Hi, unfortunately this is the case without a channel manager :(

Personally, I'm using Nuevah. It syncs with most channels and the integration is really smooth, no issues really so i'm very happy with it. (www.nuevah.com). Hope it helps. Good luck!