Guest Review Awards

Are you like me? Does your Guest Review Award really matter, to you and your guests?

I was delighted to receive notification of my 9.5 Guest Review Award for 2019 together with a video from James ***, Vice President of Partner & Customer Services.

However, for the second time in only 6 years, the award failed to arrive. So my only recourse is to print off a copy from the Ethernet and, as a result, my Award now looks home made, poor quality and, frankly, rather suspect!

A 33.3% failure rate in getting my Award to me seems pretty poor to me - as was, on both occasions, Booking.coms reaction to my disappointment.

I am not yet to be able to gauge the reaction of my guests to the shoddy effort that I am forced to display at my property.

James ***, Vice President of Partner & Customer Services, is delightfully unobtainable by any normal route.

Am I alone in wondering if a small B&B in rural France is too insignificant a "partner" to warrant too much "customer service"?

Replies on a Post Card please ;)

Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Martin de Rusett ,

Welcome to the Partner Forum and thanks for your post!

Congratulations on your Guest Review Award score, that shows excellence in what you do.

The quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox.

Good luck with everything!

Martin de Rusett

Would that it were that simple, Ilaria.

That was my first course of action. The phone call got nowhere except the suggestion to make a photocopy. The extranet path led to a similarly unhelpful reaction - basically, it appears that it's my problem. Booking.com don't have the facilities to produce a replacement (assuming that an original was actually produced).

Sadly luck doesn't come into this equation.

At least I can maintain and improve my standards of excellence - even if the Booking.com Guest Review Award displayed in my Dining Room looks as thogh it was knocked up by a inept schoolkid in a DT class.