Guest review don't appear

Hi there!. I added a new B&B on Booking and my first guest sad me yesterday that she let me a review, but it didn't appear on my homepage and didn't on my private page too. What happened? Why i can't see nothing? Could you help me?. Thank's.

Aaltje B.

That can take a while to appear, Deimille,

1 Because she may not have access to the internet,

2 She may not have her battery charged....;)

3 All reviews ( a few hundred thousand per day or more ! ) have to find their way via Cyberspace and land in your computer.

4 She may delay her review

5 She may not do it at all. ....:(

Anything can happen, but IF she answers you will see it yourself too, when a red dot appears in your page.

Hopefully she will not let you down and will find a nice place to sit in an internet cafe, with a cup of coffee and write you a nice review.

It will come.

Your next guest may come soon, so you may think of a nice little extra for the new guest. Cookies, a few flowers, a hand written card...

Have a nice time hosting and wishing you many lovely guests.


Aaltje B. from New Zealand.