Guest Reviews

I find the review process a real tyranny. My property is always marked down on location. There is nothing that I can do about my location other than make it clear in my description where we are. I don't think people read it and then they give a low score. Any tips? 


Did you finally get an answer and/ or apology for the annoying letter about review-frauds?

The reason I ask is because I just received the same, for no reason  but the inmatureness of this company playing with data mining.


Yes answer and apology. Only after I was very persistent in creating a big fuss and after dealing with a local area manager. They said that a guest had submitted more than one review (presumably they had stayed more than once) and this had triggered the fraud warning. If you google it you will find press reports that some owners have manufactured positive reviews so that you can understand that they must look for suspicious activity. However, my initial communication from them was that it was a final warning of delisting (final seems to suggest that there were earlier warnings and there were not).It was all done very badly by bdc in my opinion, very one sided and with very poor use of language. Find out who your local area manger is and kick off. 


Hello Margmunro,

Firstly, your kind consideration in writing your problem here and then not stopping it and continuing it to mentioning of the final result is appreciated, as it may help others.

My property is delisted for more than one month without any previous warning. No point is mentioned in the letter of termination and after so much try in calling support team and messaging on extranet, it is still closed and I don't know even the topic of the issue.

I read your point and added to a no-show review recently received, I thought it could be the origin of problem for us as well. I checked all reviews received, found a few more no-show reviews, and sent a complete report to Booking in message. There could be frequent travelers to the same accommodation. So if you have been warned for it, I could be sure that we are closed for those no-show reviews. However, I am still waiting and no bit of result. I am said it is in hand of local office and the support team cannot connect me to them. 

No account manager is assigned to my Extranet. I am wondering how to resolve the problem. If you may have any suggestion I would be grateful to hear it from you. For example, how to speak with local manager that you mentioned? I have just support team number.