Help needed- Have not received any bookings since joining 3 months ago

Hi guys, really hoping someone can help me. I listed my property over 3 months ago and have not received even an enquiry for the property. Due to the fact that we just joined in April and there have been  no bookings, we have no guest reviews to entice customers. Does anyone have any ideas how to boost traffic towards the apartment? It is situated in Elviria, a popular town within the area of Marbella in Spain. It is a tourist hub and I just don't understand why we have had no enquiries, the apartment has been newly renovated also. Any tips appreciated, thanks. 


Hello Keelin, 

I think to get booking is not easy job, we should have good quality pictures and text should be catched my google. I don't remember how long it takes me to get first booking but i am sure, i have not also get any booking for certain time duration.

Keep on developing your text so that google could catch it. 

Good Luck



You will start getting booking just follow booking suites,Try web direct , pulse app, booking suites and rateintellingience.