How can I attract more reservation?

Hello folks,

My place is only opened a few days ago. https://www.booking.com/hotel/kr/spacious-cozy-comfort.en-gb.html?label=gen173nr-1DCAsofUIVc3BhY2lvdXMtY296eS1jb21mb3J0SC5YBGh9iAEBmAEuwgEDYWJuyAEM2AED6AEB-AEDkgIBeagCBA;sid=c55899db3fcff93a3244d504b00f08c8;dist=0&group_adults=1&group_children=0&keep_landing=1&no_rooms=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total&


There were some guests who reserved and called me and asked why the price is so cheap, and later it was cancelled. Another thing is that the guest would probably not show up and I have no payment, nor did he.

I ran the airbnb and it is ok. I have no experience on booking.com. I have been receiving regular emails from booking.com for many years as a guest. Therefore, I just reminded the booking.com to be a host. However, I am wondering how I can get some reservations. Do you have any idea from your experience?




Thuild - Your …

Dear Ashley,

Your price is crazy small for Korea. Really, it looks like a scam in guest's eyes, that's why you have that reaction.

How can you survive renting a room for that little? Only the utilities and cleaning costs more.

Raise it to 30 or 35, then it should be fine. Really.

Can you apply for Payments By Booking.com? You should and you can get your payments there.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com