How to change my Room names urgently.

I want the rooms names displayed on booking.com to be more accurate. However due to having bookings for those dorms, I am not being able to change it. Can booking.com do it for me?

Leandri Klopper

Hey Rohan,

Thanks for the post. Yes I think they can, but you will need to speak to a human so you would need to phone them. 

Alternatively, did you just open on Booking.com? Can't you just them add another room which is correctly named etc? The reason why I asked first if you just opened is to check if it's going to influence your stats. You don't want to Close down a room with years worth of bookings and lose those stats and start basically from scratch with a new room if it is possible to just change the name. 

Once you find out how, don't you want to let us know please?