How do I contact my Boston representative??

We used to have a direct contact phone/email for our Boston area representative at booking.com but can't find it/the main contact people say they don't have one. 

We've gone from personal service to a huge corporate one that isn't answering our questions/helping with problems in a timely fashion. 

Can anyone put me in touch with that representative??

We need the description of our property changed to say the the bathroom (singular) is shared & that the guest rooms are on the second floor. 

Thanks ! 

Pat S 

The One Cat

Aaltje B.

That sounds like grrrrrrrrr.

How about trying to contact via Extranet and Inbox tab.

You can formulate your question there.

What you can do also is write in the photo what your changes are, or what is important to know. Add these photos to your listing.

Often people do flick through the photo series but don't read the full story. This way you can be specific about what you want people to know.

For instance, i took a photo of the guests' bed and wrote on it and added that to the series in my listing.

Keep asking BDC how you can find your rep, in your country. Boston, its sounds huge, but there must be someone!

hope you're more lucky after the weekend. Don't give up.


Aaltje B.