How do I improve my services review score?

I own three home holidays in Rome. I would like to improve my services review score. My guests seems to be happy of their stay but when they write a review I can see that services score is always lower than other.
What you suggest, what kind of service should Include considering that it’s not an hotel but full equipped apartments?

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Dear Francesca,

What services score are you talking about?

The score refers to these categories:

Staff, Comfort, Facilities, Location, Cleanliness, Value for Money

And the secondary categories:

Breakfast, Bed rating, Room view, Coffee, Wi-Fi

Please enlighten me which of these is low for you and what does a low score mean to you in numbers.

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com


Hi Zsolt
I was talking about facilities and comfort.
I get 7 most of the time