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How do I increase Ratings

Hey, when I search hotels in Samarkand my hotel is not showing up anywhere near the top. Are there any tricks to make it show up at the top or at least close to the top. Also I havent gotten any booking these few days, if you could give us tips and tricks to increase ratings and booking, we would appreciate it. Thank You


It's a big equation based on all factors of your hotel performance, guest reviews, amount of bookings etc. etc.

You may improve your odds by using Preferred Partner (cost option) if it's offered to you, Genius programme (cost option) or using the online tools to make sure your package is competitive or attractive for your area and possibly offer something your competition is not.

consuelo ruiz

I was looking in the Samarcanda search engine and your hotel appeared. I noticed that compared to the other establishments it is a bit expensive. Join the genius program so you have more visibility or place a special promotion. To improve my occupation, I give a 10% discount for 2 nights. Make the attempt. Greetings from Colombia