How to get published on Tripadvisor?

We are listed on Booking.com since October 2013 and have been shown on Tripadvisor with Booking.com details. Now all of a sudden no longer, not sure why ... Tripadvisor tells me to contact Booking.com and Booking.com tells me to contact Tripadvisor, sorry but this is not helping me any further and results in getting less bookings.
Reply from Booking.com : Please be informed that the visibility of properties on TripAdvisor is based on guest demand searches in specific areas.This means if there is no demand for a certain area then the property will not display 
We ARE displayed on Tripadvisor with Agoda, whom we are not linked with and so guests are shown other properties. We only want to be linked with Booking.com, but as said before, we are informed by Tripadvisor Booking.com needs to do the set up and Booking.com tells me to contact Tripadvisor.
Anyone any idea how to resolve this?




Greta Smagghe

I'm just wondering why Booking.com can not assist with this ... it is also for their benefit if more bookings come through through Booking.com


This is one of the worst experiences I've ever faced. No one wants to help and their websites aren't really user friendly. I get no help except for generated explanations already written down. They put all the blame on me and the other website.