I am not receiving any bookings from booking since last 20 days


I have listed my property last month, and my bank account is also approved, I have decent bookings the first month but after that I don't see any bookings from Booking.com, even at the weekends I have no bookings.


My booking have stopped even before the invoice was generated, Can I know if there is any issue from my side, I have tried reaching Booking customer care on call from past few days but I couldn't connect with you.

My property ID is : 4603814

Please try to resolve my issue as soon as possible.

Aaltje B.

I hope it is something in the settings, so you can change it and voila, there is a booking :)

Via the inbox in your extranet, you can ask the question if they want to check it for you.

We can't do it from our end, since we are only hosts.

Or maybe someone else in the forum may have a bright idea what can cause it.

Apart from settings, you could try one day with a very cheap rate. See if that attracts someone.

Just to try it out. Or you ask a friend to book and he cancels again. That is another way of checking.

Hope this helps


Aaltje B.