i want to know my competitor. How can i reveal my ''other half'';

please, suggest me how... 

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Technically Booking.com should have a list. Go to your Extranet and under Analytics click on Manage my Competitive set. If someone is taking a part of your business, booking.com should have them listed there.

Otherwise: my suggestion would be to go to your Extranet and look at Analytics - Ranking on site. It should tell you nr what out of what you are in your area. So 3/4. That means you are 1 out of 4 properties located in the same area. Go do a search on booking.com as if you are a client and see if you can identify those other 3 properties. Then add them to your competitive set. (You need 10 min though)

Hope this helped a little? I'm sure the other parners will have more insight.


Maybe better to see them as colleague than competitors.


I added the 'competitors' in my area, but they were not saved. Once added: I did not see how to reveal any report from the 8 in my area. When I left the page: they were not saved to my set. Am I missing something on how to add?