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Increase commission rates is increasing my bookings ?

Hi , i am Rodica and i am new in travel industry, i was wondering if someoane had good experience if they increases commission rates from 18% to 20% ??

2 years ago

Hello Rodica Grecu! Maybe our experienced partners like M Adamopoulou, pibomarco will share their experience with you. Good luck and welcome to the Community!

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Sergei Thanks for your kind words experienced??? I am a newbie...just  trying to gain knowledge and experience from our fellow pibomarco, fluff, Bandara, Katerinka12, Michael, Leandri and many many more that I am very sad that I don’t see them in this Partner Community anymore.

Dear Rodica If you are referring to Commission Rate in Boosting Availability ...yes I think it helps very much because your listing will be higher in search results.....and more guests will see it...

Hope other partners share their thoughts and join us in this conversation...

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Good day all...

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pibomarco 2 years ago

If you just joined BDC this is a smart move to gain better visibilty on page. Also if there is a lot of competition in your area or in general your property doesn't rank that high it's recommended to give your property a boost. But before doing this I would take another look at the property presentation and description (high quality pictures from a proffesional photographer is basicly a must) if you want to attract more guests. 


I personaly use only Preffered Program for boosting my property (18% commission).  

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Rodica Grecu 2 years ago

Thank you for your help 

yes I do have professional photos made for my property 

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

It is never good when increase the amount that they charge but you need to look at alternatives.  I started by only doing cash from guests because didn't process payments where I am back then.  But I had quite a few guests that just didn't show up.  This costs as I couldn't collect any cancellation fee.  This has totally stopped since process the payments and collect from the guest.  I also looked at getting a electronic payment machine so I could process the payments myself.  The cost of this was pretty high.  So paying the extra 2% is not good but better than the alternatives.