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Keeping track on new comments/reviews from guests


We are a small property which opened in April this year and we have already received comments and reviews from guests who stayed with us. However, we have also received reviews from guests who stayed ages ago and there's a notification popping up every time we receive a new one and the comments are not posted on top of the old ones but according to the time when the guest stayed in the property.

Since our property is small, we want to keep track on every single comment as to see what could be improved but it is impossible to spot the new rating when it is from a guest who stayed a very long time ago and hasn't posted a comment. 

We have seen there's an option on top of the comments where you can filter by "Not replied" and all comments which haven't been replied by us would show up, but that is only helpful when the guest writes something down and not for reviews with only a rating.

I think should include an option where you can spot new comments right away or at least have another option to filter them by date (when the comment was posted). Don't you think?
Do you also have that problem and spend ages trying to look for that specific "new" comment? 

Another thing is, #Booking please allow us to reply ratings without comments! That would also solve it all with the "Not replied" filter.

Thank you so much!




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fluff 3 years ago

When you open extranet there should be red, numbered flag next to your "Guest Reviews" header. Here you'll find your reviews in the order they were received.

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Lu_Madrid 3 years ago

Hi fluff,

Thanks for your response.

When it comes to new reviews of people who stayed not long ago, it is that way. However, I have faced several occasions when the red flag popped up but there was not new comment. Sometimes the red flag appears hours before the comment can actually be seen and some other times the comment is from a person who stayed such a long time ago that it appears where it belongs.

Let's say:

A person stays now in December last week. The comment would appear on the top of the thread of comments.

However, if a person stayed in August but wrote the comment just now in December, the comment would appear among the comments from stays in August.

It is a real hassle to try to look for the certain review (without a comment) when there's no option to filter them.

Have you ever encountered this before? Because it does frequently happen to us ...