Keeping your guests coming back

Almost 90% of the guests arrive at the residence very tired from either a driving trip or a distant flight from abroad, they just want to shower and rest or even maybe sleep.

Most of the time we learned over the years that guests are shy to ask for anything at the reception, other than to ask for the keys and maybe settle their reservation billing if they had not done so online if their new to the area especially first timers would go to their room and rest or sleep hungry if they arrive during late night hours and no shops are open, and many if not most wouldn't ask for any kind of food or snacks, because they feel shy or ashamed as some have put it to us back in 2014.

My daughter Christina & I felt we should do something to help our guests feel comfortable with small snacks packages as our way of saying thank you for your business and welcoming them with smiles that show gratitude, guests, in general, like to feel respected and appreciated when they arrive at their destination.

So since 2014, our welcome tray contains the following in all our studios.

2 Packs Crackers ritz or other

2 Packs of cream filled biscuits chocolate or vanilla

2 Small bottles of water sealed 

2 Cans of seven-up & 2 cans of Pepsi Cola

A plate of mixed fruits 4 or 5 items 

All of which only costs $5 to $6 per reservation, a small cost to welcome your guests with care.

Folks am almost always full and sometimes have 3 and up to 6 months in advance booking, I do truly believe the above have played a major roll in accomplishing that success. 


George & Christina Boujaoude



Laura, Communi…

This is a great idea George - it shows brilliant anticipation of needs. And who doesn't love a cream-filled biscuit after a long day? :)