Know your partner form request

Please forward the Know your partner form that I have been  requested to complete



msg from booking.com on the subject


"We apologise to our partners that have received an email earlier with the subject line: 

Last chance: Know Your Partner form(s) to be completed

We had some technical issues with the sending of this email, which we’ve since fixed. 

If you are an accommodation partner and have not yet completed the 'Know your Partner' form, you will see a banner in your extranet, informing you of the next steps to take. Log into your extranet.

If you have already completed this form, please disregard the email as no further action is required. We greatly value your time and effort spent on this initiative. 

We apologise for any confusion the earlier email may have caused. 

Kind regards, 

Your Booking.com team"


Omayma Elhusseini

Ps forward the kyp form that I have been requested to submit I order to activate my listing


Hello Omayma Elhusseini! Welcome to the Partner Community, thanks for your comment. I don't think other partners will be able to help you, please contact support.