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Launching a 2nd property

Hi all

Hope you had a great Christmas.

I have a very successful property in London that has received high reviews over the lat 18 months, average 9.6 from over 40 reviews and therefore continues to be successful.

My wife and I launched a 2nd property in November, also in London near the 1st, but bookings for it are slow. We were very surprised to not get any bookings for December and I guess that's because it's had no reviews yet and needs to establish itself but I was wondering if there is a way to somehow link our 1st successful property reviews to the 2nd one to give customers the confidence that it is part of a well managed group.

We believe we are very price competitive locally and have a few bookings for 2018 but business really needs to pick up much more. 

As an aside, does anyone believe that we may be approaching market saturation in Serviced Accommodation?

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year to all.

Dmitriy Bolobolov 4 years ago

Personally I'm sure that the best way is not to be concentrated on one online platform only. AirBnB can also generate bookings.