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Let us celebrate the diversity of world cultures

Hi everyone,

Learning to navigate through different cultures is a great skill, especially in hospitality, where guests might visit from all around the world.

One of the intercultural communication books I have loved reading is The Culture Map.

In this book, Erin Meyer, the author, makes an effort to decode how people think across cultures.

She writes about the differences in world cultures in these 8 dimensions: communicating, evaluating, persuading, leading, deciding, trusting, disagreeing, scheduling, and how differences in these affect people and international collaboration.

What are some of the positive experiences you have had with guests from different cultures? Is there anything that has impressed you?

Let us focus on the positives today and be inclusive and embrace the beauty and uniqueness of all our diverse cultures! 

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Isle of Wight … 3 months ago

I wish I could navigate the BDC culture. Maybe I will never understand a culture in which hosts and guests alike are ignored, problems with internet systems are ignored, and the staff spend time reading books.

I would love to celebrate BDC actually fixing one of the many bugs and problems in their systems. Just one. Even a serious response to a bug report would be a big step forward - something to give us all that little glimmer of hope that BDC is taking these problems seriously.

But yes, we should focus on the positives. AirBnB are making great strides forward. VRBO have been very responsive and are also making many improvements to their systems. The world does not rely on and for that, I'm sure that many of us are very thanksful.

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Fluff (new account) 3 months ago

Agree on AirBnB, after having failed attempts with them in the past, they seem to have got their $#!? together to service hotels. We have just recently gone live with them again and gained our first bookings.


When we first joined BDC they proved to be, far and away, the number one OTA at providing bookings. Between then and just before Covid they had wained to number three spot, well behind the surging increase in direct bookings and Expedia group.

Since Covid their contribution to our bookings has become almost negligible, with Expedia being the shining beacon of the OTAs we deal with. 

Something is very wrong at BDC and Isle of Wight Vacations  has already mentioned the glaringly obvious problems. Any company that cannot pay its bills, i.e. partner commissions, is on the slippery slope.


Yes, there is a mass of diversity across the world, requiring local knowledge and support from any international company wishing to succeed/survive. While other companies have kept or reopened their local offices already, BDC have chosen to continue reducing support infrastructure and effectiveness, plus pushing it's life's-blood, properties, to go elsewhere. Difficult times require difficult decisions, burying their collective heads in the sand won't cut it.