Make us affiliates

What would you think of booking.com having us as affiliates. We could book other hotels for our guests, when we are full or guest wants something else. and booking.com can extract the commission of each booking made through us. Giving us the chance to reduce our commissions and help other felow partners.

Veronika Group

There is something like this already available. There is an ‘affiliate program’ and ‘Booking.com for Travel Agency’ program already available. ‘Booking.com for Travel Agencies’ is what would suite you the best as it allows you to find and book properties on your guest’s behalf and get commission for this.


I know , but im not a travel agency. im a hotelier.

and i would like rather than saying to my guest that im full tonight , that i could find you a acommodation in our area.

If i cant provide acommodation because im full than at least i can keep my guest here in my area.

The comission that im supposed to get can be deducted from the comission i pay monthly.That gives a reason to hoteliers to fill not only there hotel but all hotels in the area, helping there partners and gaining from it

Thuild - Your …

The idea itself is good, however this only works for walk-in guests, which should book directly, therefore involving BDC is not a good idea.

Better contact all the owners in your area to have this type of agreement with them. you can easily monitor this whenever you make a reference, they can pay you a 10% commission or something, everyone wins.

Zsolt - www.thuild.com


It also works for guests or friends that want to continue and havent booked anything yet.

or friends that would like to go for example to Romania. where else would you send them??


but the point is that i could knock down some of the comission i pay every month.

and as a genius booker i could provide another 10% to my guest

Leandri Klopper

Hi Christos,

Interesting idea you have. You saw a gap and you want to fill it!

I have to agree with Zsolt though, involving Booking.com might not be the best idea considering it will most likely be walk in clients. Booking.com's whole principle revolves around making a Confirmed booking online.

If you want to take a bite out of your commission you are paying every month, perhaps I can suggest following your own endevour with the hotels around you and asking a very small commission from them. (Like Zsolt suggested)

Good luck!