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Manage your expectations... Or what do you expect from hotel near airport vs. what do you actually get?

Last year I was in Instanbul and got late for my flight. I had nothing to do but to look for "hotel near airport". So called hotels near airport in Instanbul are very far - about 30 minutes by taxi.

The most cheapest hotel room costs 80 dollars. For that price I got So Sad room with old furniture. Very small bed that looked like the bed for kids. With lousy, thin, old bedsheets that smelled bleach. The closet didn't want to opened and when I forced the closet door to open it almost fell on me.

Sad bathroom had old tiles and single small bar of soap. That was only thing to remember in that bathroom as there was no shower curtain in it or mirror. Biggest memory of the room that it was not cleaned and the smell was of a coffin.

I better not tell you how professional was the staff. They knocked at my door (without me asking) 5 or 6 times for newly created reasons - do I need anything, restaurant will close soon, do I want the food to be brought to my room, restaurant is already closed... When I came down it was opened...

On top of that they tried to enter to my room with their own keys and it ended up with very aggressive and emotional conversation at 3am. I didn't sleep that night at all and left at 5am to spend my time in VIP lounge in airport, trying to come down and forget that hell.

And let me give you another example. Look for "Aerohotel express" on Booking, the diamond of Domodedovo airport in Moscow. Russians are known for love of freedom, space and huge size of everything in their lives...even themselves are huge...have you met someone from Siberia? :)

I wonder how those "tsars" can fit into 10 (!) sq.meters hotel room which already includes shower and toilet for that size.

If you are looking for "cultural" experience in Russia, you don't need a special permit to visit famous Russian prisons. You can have a spirit of prison without going far from the airport... Yes, this "aerotel" (what does this modern word exactly means?) does not have windows! No safe, no closet...

Wonder how much that prison costs? 115 dollars!!! You pay for location...

Well, say thank you for no capsules... Rental price is extremely expensive in any capital of any country in the world. But I constantly get the guests from Booking that for such cheap price in the most populated city in the world (!) expect amazing things like personal shuttle bus and meeting them personally in airport! This is not just one time complaint of an occasional idiot, but very, very popular request!

Amenities are also "not good enough", though we have fully air-conditioned walkalator connecting airport and my place, posh swimming pool, gym, kids playground, 24/7 security guards and reception, private parking, video communication inside the room, and personal manager attached only to you and no one else!

I have been to many countries in the world and I have never seen such great amenities in 2 star "hotel near airport". 3 star hotels in Dubai are very far from airport, located in forgotten area and expensive like gold, look and feel like a toilet with personal safety being very compromised (totally no-no for lady traveler).

So, my questions to you are the following:

What do you expect from 2 star hotel in capital city near airport?

How do "Airport hotels" look like in your country (or the country you have been to)? Price?

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Katerinka2

I have seen cheap accomodation ** near airport that offer clean space, entry by code , with kitchen and all facilities thinkable for 72 dollars and 15 dollars cleaning fee.

via Airbnb

He had 472 positive reviews. There you go. I wouldn't have a problem going there.

Near the capital prices may go up a little, but because of lots of competition it sometimes pays to be under-priced.

Are you setting up something?

Wishing you a great start, Katerinka!


Aaltje B.

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

ps And he had a 5 star rating throughout....