March Photo Challenge: Everything coffee and tea

Hi everyone,

Imagine you’re a guest for a moment. Still disorientated after a day's worth of travel, your alarm wakes you up with a jolt and the only thing in focus is a hot cup of tea or coffee to start your first morning.

Given that coffee and tea have become amenity must-haves, we’d love to see how you serve it at your property. Espresso machine with a barista? French press? Table service like at Shikwari Game Reserve? Share your photos in the comments below!

Make sure to post your photo by March 31. Based on your votes, we'll post the winning photo on April first.

Booking.com may use the submitted content for other purposes (e.g. marketing) and that we can also edit, crop, enhance or modify same in a way that we deem fit.



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Ilaria - Commu…

Congratulations to Aaltje B. for winning the March Photo challenge with this beautiful and inviting picture. We're all craving a slice of that pie while sipping a delicious coffee.

Thanks to everyone who have participated, your photos really show how talented you are!

Ready for the next challenge? Inspired by your posts on this subject, check out the April edition: your most popular piece of furniture. Happy posting everyone!

9 months ago
Aaltje B.

I am having one, Yippee, I won :)

Thank you, everyone who voted.


Aaltje B.

9 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Aaltje B. Your Dutch apple pie is incredible... congratulations....

Wish I could have a bite...

We are awaiting your new photos, dont forget to share them with us...

Have a splendid day...

9 months ago