Modified bookings, more information.

This is an area where BDC could help simply but greatly.

A future guest makes a modification to their booking.

BDC tell us they have done so and date it was made.

They DO NOT actually state what the modification is!


In some cases it is obvious what the change is but others very much less so, taking up our time trying to figure out what the person has actually changed. Sometimes it's purely a change of credit card so no actual changes to the booking itself. Another could be a change so radical that we are looking in the wrong place to find the difference. 

A real waste of time.

I suggest the booker should have to go through a menu of what they need to change, those menu choices could then be logged along with the date. That would facilitate us going straight to the change required and processing it in a fraction of the time. 


What would you like to modify?

A) Dates B) Name C) Room Type D) Payment details E) Add breakfast F) ?

Jessie & Jay (…

We have not yet received any change requests but what you are suggesting only makes sense.


I've got a customer that is staying for 7 days but would now like to change it to 6, they are really confused as to how to do it themselves and have asked me to do it my end.... apart from changing the booking in my calendar how do I do it so Booking.Com know that the payment is less. and thus adjust their commission?