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My Tips for a Successful Accommodation Business

We started 2 years ago.....(so some ideas for you)

  1. be different
  2. be colurful with interior and bedding - be different
  3. encourage guests to give you private feedback
  4. offer a free breakfast basket
  5. get new furniture and comfortable bedding 
  6. don't put up with guests giving you silly reviews
  7. have a well worded booking form external from this site - make the guests sign it
  8. encourage the guests to give you information to help improve your accommodation business
  9. and don't put up with nonsense guests - don't be afarid to ask them to leave / don't book them.
  10. we don't have overnights stays, but rather a minimum 2  night stay
  11. have a nice garden with lots of colour
  12. have a different garden - ie eg we have a native garden near the BBQ area



Aaltje B.

Great list, Ian

You can show some pictures sometime?

Happy Easter,


Aaltje B.


Dear team

Listing on North Cyprus Famagusta / Property : Ingate in Famagusta / Ismet Inonu Bulvari , 88, 9900 Famagusta, Cyprus. = is not a legal property, Its made on greek title not a turkish one , this not right to take reservation from We request to close to take reservations from you.

Ingate in Famagusta also dont have extranet (becouse its on north cyprus but not on a Turkish title, the title is greek)
Reservations come from one of travel agency via

here is the copy :

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: yeni rez : ***
Date: 2019-04-18 05:26
From: Terracota Cyprus ***
To: ***

Oteliniz adına tarafımza gelen 1 adet yeni rezervasyon bilgilerini
aşağıda bilgilerinize sunarım;


Müşteri İsmi: ***

Müşteri Tel ;*** [1]

Giriş Tarih :18/08/2019

Çıkış Tarihi : 19/08/2019

Toplam Gün Sayısı :1

Toplam Kişi Sayısı : 2 adults, 1 child (5 years old)

Oda Sayısı :1 Adet


Meal OptionsBreakfast is included in the room rate.


[1] tel:***

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Ian thanks for sharing with us your tips. Being different in life makes our lives more interesting.
Keep well.

M Adamopoulou

In addition to Ians tips I would like to add cleanlines. Before arrival I check over and over again the whole place to make sure that everything is spotless clean and tidy. I have made a list for every room so I check it every time step by step. Once I discovered that although dishes were washed and put away two of them had spots of left overs on them. Thankfully I had checked them before guests arrived. Some little things like that can spoil the whole picture of the house. So check and recheck again and again....

Take care.

Aaltje B.

Hi Salih

Welcome to the forum of hosts from BDC.

This looks like someone is taking advantage? I would go to the help-desk of BDC by logging into the extranet of BDC and go to Inbox then message, and share the story with them.

Hopefully, they can see what is going on.

The group that you have put your question in is for hosts to share experiences.

I would say there is an error somewhere, and BDC can help you.

Let us know what the outcome is later.


Aaltje B.


Hi Ian

Thank you very much for your list. It is sound advice and I practice most of these. I have to work on the garden though. I also agree with the person who commented on cleanliness. That is essential. I usually ask for a damage deposit but will sometimes waive it if the guest asks. However I have found that after they leave I realize something is missing,i.e. forkes, cups, wash rags. How would you handle this?


Executive Townhouses

Ian at Numurka…

we don't charge a bond at the moment - but we are reviewing this since we have now listed on Little Hotelier Platform as well. Expedia etc.

As an accountant as i am, you should price into your nightly price for missing item and small stuff.

when we started out 2 years ago - we started at $128 per night for a min of 2 nights for 2 people, as we have 2 x 3BR apartments , we charge and extra $65 per person. We now charge $195 per night - You have take into consideration where you live and what you offer. You see, we offer Self Contained Apartments - a home away from home. Yes, cleanliness is important and so is the presentation..

Judy Gathiru

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your list..very precise.

PS. i love the bedding, very colorful and inviting.

M Adamopoulou

Lovely bedding I agree!!! I love the Zebra colors!!!
The red bushes and lavenders are incredible.
Thanks for sharing!!!


Hi Ian

Thanks for your suggestion #7

have a well worded booking form external from this site - make the guests sign it

Definitely plan to implement it!

Festina Lente In Onrus

Ian at Numurka…

example of house rules:-

(as part of the booking form)

  1. No parties or any party type behaviour will be tolerated. No illicit drugs
  2. No pets, birds or animals shall be allowed on the premises during your stay
  3. Please keep noise to a minimum, any complaints by neighbours or police will result in the occupants being asked to hand in the keys and leave the premises immediately with no refund.
  4. The apartment must be left clean and tidy, as it was when you arrived
  5. Rubbish must be put in the rubbish bins at the end of your stay, that are located outside the apartment next to the garage wall, near the rear entrance to the property. Please use the recycle and rubbish bin appropriately.
  6. Any missing items from the apartment after you vacate, like towels or linen, or pillows etc., you will be charged by way of deduction from your deposit bond
  7. If the apartment is not clean when you leave, you will be charged a cleaning fee.
  8. If anything is damaged during your stay, you will be charged the cost of the replacement item.
  9. Please return the key to the key security box when you leave.
  10. Please clean the BBQ after you have finished using it.
  11. NO smoking in the apartment. If you smoke inside the apartment, you will be charged a fee to de sanitise the smell in the apartment
  • Please leave all used towels on the bathroom floors when you leave.
  • If towels are unused, please leave them in the bedroom cupboards.
  • If anything is accidentally broken when you are using the apartment, please notify us as we can then replace the broken and /or damaged item.
  • If you motor vehicle leaks oil in the motor vehicle garage whist you are staying here, you may be charged a cleaning fee.
  • Please turn off the air conditioner and the heater when you are not at the apartment to conserve energy costs.
  • Please turn off lights in the apartment when you are not in the apartment, and when you are not using the applicable rooms, to conserve energy costs.
  • In the event of an emergency, phone 000 for Fire, Police or Ambulance.