need a paid promotion to MY property

I want to make payment and  promote my property. 

In search my home stay should come first


how to promote ?


Kindly help me

M Adamopoulou

Hello! Greencountynest have you visited your Opportunities tab? You might find some interesting ideas. Maybe you can use Vissibility booster paying a higher commission to BDC.

Good luck!!!

AG Lodging

M Adamopoulou is right. Visibility booster could accomplish this. It's a flexible tool, so you can choose how much and how long you want to promote. The more you pay, the more it will be visible, and you can select the dates.

In addition to VB, you can also promote it outside of Booking platform:

- If you have a website, be sure to place the link on it to your property at Booking (free or cheap).
- You can pay Google Ad. Just enter your Booking link as the page you want to promote (cheap).
- Make a Facebook page and put the link at it (free).
- In addition, you can pay Facebook ad to promote abovementioned page even more (cheap).

When I wrote "Booking link", I mean the one that is seen as guests, not your extranet page. It's of the form https://www.booking.com/hotel/...

With all these tools together, your property will become more popular over time and it will naturally rank higher, so you'll no longer need to pay :)

M Adamopoulou

AG-Lodging you are perfectly right. Social media helps a lot. I also have a link in fb page and Instagram.