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Negative comment about being handicapped

Several weeks ago, my wife and I had an overnight guest who was extremely negative (even in her online communication with us before her arrival).


I was in a near-fatal car accident two years ago, and I mostly use a wheelchair to move about in my house.


After her departure, this guest wrote among her negative comments in her Booking,com review that she felt uncomfortable speaking with me while in my wheelchair.


I found her guest review comment very inappropriate and offensive.  After submitting my protest of her review, Booking,com would not delete her comment that can be read online by everyone.

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wow Don, that's is terrible.  Considering everything I too have seen these 'alledged' humans do to date, it really makes me question, their perceived 'entitlement'.


I had to learn to , if I reply to the comments, to be clever about how I word it. 


There is some very Irish sayings and words to politely tell them they are thick, *** and don't ever come back, being subtle, lol.




10 months ago