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Hi I'm new to booking.com  I have a property in Cyprus, steps to the beach and I thought I'll try booking.com


1) I haven had a couple of bookings and then they were cancelled for no reason. Am I doing something wrong? 

2) I was disappointed also  that booking.com could not take a security deposit on my behalf. I live in the US. Even if I lived in Cyprus it's not practical to ask guests to pay cash security deposit on the day they arrive. 

Any advise would be appreciated.



Aaltje B.

You are not doing something wrong Ccn234, this is how the system works apparently.

You could change the cancellation policy, have a look into that.

And Bdcom being the only ota you get people through? Since most people have a group of different agencies they work with to increase the bookings.

A channel manager can help to oversee the calendars that are all combined.

Any other questions, just bring them on!


Aaltje B.