New Property Photos are not showing on Public Page

Great day!

On the behalf of La Viena Health Resort, I'd like to admire the efforts put in these premium services!
I currently have an issue where I deleted all the old photos, and uploaded a whole new set of photos of my property yesterday, yet they haven't been changed.

Am I missing anything here? Thanks in advance!

Leandri Klopper

Hello Abdalla!

Thank you for posting, and I second your admiration. I'm always happy with Booking.com's service.

As far as I know, photo updates can take like 24 hours. So I see you asked this 4 days ago which means it should be changed now. Am I right?

Keep well!

Abdalla Seddik…

You're right! Thanks a lot. Although I've searched for any notification that says it'll take 24h to change but I found none. Thanks again, Leandri!

Leandri Klopper

Big Pleasure Abdalla!

I think I read it somewhere, but I'm glad it's updated now.

May it bring you many guests!

Keep well.