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New Review System - Overall Rating is only dragging our scores down

I love that the Smiley system has been removed, the new 1 - 10 system makes much much more sense to both us and to the guest HOWEVER the Overall Rating option has so far only proven detrimental to our review score.

I get that some people wanted the overall rating to be guest chosen due to the location score bringing their overall down (which it does for us - location is our lowest score too) but this change is not helping at all.

Might be an Australian thing or tall poppy syndrome or something else but so far our reviews where the guest has chosen the overall has not reflected their comments or their other ratings. 

The beauty of generating the Overall Rating is that it removes some of the subjectivity by using the 6 scores to create a more Objective Rating. 


Example #1 - Guest left a glowing review, 10/10 for every item plus an additional rating. Overall score was a 9/10.

10 Star Review turned to a 9. 10 out of 10 for every aspect, no cons listed and pro comment of :Very clean room with a great bed and sensational shower, the TV was quite large and the reception was excellent. The hosts were very friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel welcome and at home. The food was of a very high standard and the dining area was warm and friendly. All in all a great stay over and definitely stay there again.


Example #2 - Comparing one old version, self calculated review to the new version. The new version is overall higher rated but a flat 8 score vs the old style review is 8.8 despite having 2 score rated lower.

8.8 review with the old system vs a 8 review with the current system - old 8.8 has 3x 10/10 and 3x 7.5/10 but the new 8 has 5x 10/10 and 1x7.5/10



To be fair we have had one review that goes the way that the location bemoaners wanted:

Instead of getting a 9.6* Overall Rating for a review that was 10/10 for everything except the location at 7.5/10, we got a 10* Overall Rating. Going to say that this is a buck to the trend.

Which is a gain of +0.4, vs the examples that had losses of -1.0 and -1.6 respectively. Not worthwhile in my book but more of the issue is that the guests arent going to be able to compare apples with apples with the new heavily subjective method of calculating the Overall Rating. 

Bring back the old Overall Rating calculation but leave the new 1 -10 ratings I say.






It wasn't really about the location, or any other section. The problem was score 7,5. Although it is considered as very good score (based on the review system that BDC have set) a lot of hosts felt the score was unjust when they received it. That was basicly the main reason why hosts pushed and wanted an overal score from 1 to 10. That's how I saw it.    

Alexandra Coles

I was basing my location comment on a conversation we had with our rep who had specifically mentioned that people were upset with getting poor location scores and that bringing down their overall when it was the guests fault for not looking at the location when they booked (this was more to do with city hotels I believed)

As per my post, the 1-10 scoring system is awesome and I love it - the overall rating score is where the issue is. 


I am one of those where my Location is rated "lowest" mostly because I am distant 2km from the center. Although I am located on a easy accessible and beautiful spot, sorruanded by nature with 0 neighbours. Basicly the location is our advantage, but some guest rated it lower based on the distance to the point of interest.

Still the problem was that hosts considered 7,5 score as poor. As per your post, will 1 - 10 solve the issue with "location"? I tihnk it would have a negative impact even more, since it is more likely to receive lover score then 7,5. 

Anyway I am not getting enough reviews with the new system to make a proper comparisment. But I received two reviews where overall rating was higher comparing to sections. Perhaps we should wait to acumulate at least up to 100 reviews to see the real picture.

Phill A

pibomarco, reading all of these member posts re this issue, one would think that you aren't disadvantaged by the new system in the way that many people with a prior overall excellent rating are. I see that you have over 600 reviews in BDC. If you have that many reviews, a few stray ones providing say 80% here and there would not visibly alter your rating much at all either in the old or the new system. However at the other end of the scale and as a comparison, imagine a new property hosting on BDC with just a few prior reviews. The property is superb, perhaps like yours. A guest comes in and gives 10/10 for each category and says "well done" but  gives only an 80% overall based on how he/she felt at the time of doing the review. Your guest rating, despite how brilliant your property is, suddenly becomes cheap and nasty in the mind of potential guests. This is exactly what's happening! There are many properties with less reviews than you, just as nice, which have been building reputation based on facts rather than emotions, but all of a sudden the ratings start sliding down the ladder for no apparent reason. There's nothing they can do to fix the problems because there are no problems. Our property recently had 10/10 for every category, and a glowing review, but only 80% overall. Down the ladder we went. I can see us going from "excellent" to "superb" to "good" in a very short space of time whilst we work out how to plead with guests to give an extra smiley face. It's a poorly thought out system prone to more problems than the old system. Why is it different to the old system? Because the score being thrust in front of the travelling public is NOT BASED ON THE FACTS. Where will this problem end up, particularly if a host suffer a downturn in business over it?     


Well few stray scores will always have an impact on properties that just joined BDC or to those that only sell one unit and acumulates in average 20-50 reviews a year. Regardless of the old or new review system. Our score was 8,2 few years ago and we decided to improve our overall services by listening to guest reviews and now our score is 9,4. And the scoring system has basicly nothing to do with this.   


I understand the perspective 10/10/80%. But there are also other perspectives to be considered:


The categories are rated with emojis. If categories would be also rated in a scale 1-10 beleive me in most cases the score would not be 10/10. 


In a worse case scenario the overall score can drop by few decimals (if you have in average I guess 250 reviews), but overal score of categories are also publicly visible and is an important information for to potential bookers. 


The positive side of this system is that in some cases people will receive a lower score in categories but the guest will score a higher overall score. 


The problem with 1 - 10 scale is that people rarely rate something a 10. That's why I like the emojis (smile faces) because it gives a range 8 - 10 for a score 10. But hosts were against the smiley system, took 10s for granted but negatively focused on 7,5 scores and now we are here. :) 


I've just looked at a few of my recent reviews and also noticed that although I received 10/10 on every category, my overall was only a 9. Having only been here for 24 months and built up a 9.6 average, I worry this will bring it down for no apparent reason. What's going on?


Nothing much, the new standard is set with new scoring system.

Kevin Woods

Same here.

Average comes down on new system. 10s for everything, "Can't wait to come back" Average 8



I have to admit to not reading all the above, but if I can put in my beef, it would be appreciated to any who will listen.. I have been trying for an age to find this page.

1. I also have had at least 5 reviews with a sub score of 10 - outcome 9.. Whats up with that?.

2. More importantly, B.c offers a further 10% to "millenials" booking on their phone. I pressed the button to read further, and WHAM, I am locked in! For heavens sakes, that means I am paying B.c 26 %? Why dont I just work for them and clean their floors! I find this totally disrespectful and almost degrading!

Air bnb have at least tried to help their partners, but b.c have shunned us all. My guests have been distraught trying to cancel, which has resulted in me spending hours trying to sort them has has no fore-site whatsoever, in giving us a reprieve in their hectic  booking charges! If some of those fees could be waived it might help. My income for this month has gone from healthy to zero. Does B.c give a damn? I think not.. Continue to down grade those of us who strive the hardest.