No calendar showing and troubles with price settings etc

Hello everybody,

We need some further assistance because its impossiblle for us to maintaine our extranet in any way. 

No calendar is displaying in the extranet - so we can not set the price, rooms to sell etc.

We have been advice to delete search history with the cookies - but has not helped so far in fact.


We need to contact our sales representantive to come directly here and help us. Staying on the phone 14 days trying to fix it is obviously useless .


Kind regards,


Misa - Hotel Samechov, Czech Rep.



Hi Misa,


Unfortunately unless your country BdC regional office offers direct onsite support, there is  normally no such thing.


 When you log on to the Extranet , top from left do you have a menu called Rates & Availability? Under this is the calendar.



What happens when you try this link , do it load and show your calendar?



If you dont have this you are not actively setup and I suspect either incomplete registration or you have been suspended or closed.


Maybe the BdC Communities Team    can help


TIP : CTRL+F5 on a web browser will reset the cache and reload the page.


Kind Regards