No enquiries!!!

I’ve had my properties for 13 years with enquiries and bookings all the time! In the last two years since the big companies have taken a hold of the rental market!, my enquiries and bookings are near nil!!
What is going on???!!!


Where is your property located? - if we can see the listing maybe we can help give you some feedback on how to improve ? - Maybe promote the fact you are not 'Big Companies'... that you offer the personal touch... unlike Big Companies...

S Wilden

Hi Mike,
When I say the big companies, I mean the web sites that get us rentals such as booking.com , Homeaway ect...
For 13 years I used Homeaway and ownersdirect which worked hands down and we got enquiries all the time!
But since they sold out to the big boys the enquiries stopped due to how they searched for propertys!!
We have two rentals
Id: 2831842
Id: 2799346
Many thanks


Hi Steve,

I'm not sure how to search for property by ID... is this your property ? "SCI Les Chuans" ? - I did a search by 'area' listed on your profile. ( just 1 result. )

I think it's more of a 'numbers' Game now... better numbers = higher result in the search.

you ( like me ) Only have 2 reviews listed, so you have no property score, it could be the site is promoting 'other' properties over yours... but yours should still be listed in that area.

Also, performace 'Scores' - I'm being told that my price are not 'competitive' enough, and if I don't make my rooms cheaper - I will loose my 'Prefered Partner' Status... then they will not charge me 18% per booking... ( but revert back to the original 15% ) - and I will need to wait 180 days to re-apply. - there is not much competition in my 'area'... so I really don't see this as a bad thing. Also - Other properties here are very cheap, but lower quality - so this is pulling my price point down to unfair position for what I am offering.

Maybe invite 3 groups of friends to visit and give you a review, this will get you a 'review score' to compete with the rest of the listings...

Please confirm if that was your property - and I'll try and find your other location, and add any comments I have related to that.


if you are curious, and know how to find it... ( if there is a way to find it ? )

Property ID: 3206206


Les Moutiers-les-Mauxfaits, France - 1 property found
Les Arcs, France - 261 properties found. ( So I need help to figure out yours. )

Based in your first property:
My only other suggestion, some of the photos seem dark ? - maybe shoot some new photos?, on a bright sunny day for outside shots, Then try to avoid shooting 'windows' - for brighter indoor shots, shoot with the window behind you. Or set your exposure for the room, not for the window. Better to over expose - for a brighter room.

let me know your second property address, if you want more feedback.

Good Luck, and I hope you are getting better results soon.


Hi Steve,

Do you still check in here ? Thanks to a clever man in Serbia, I think I can figure out how to find your other property... but I don't wnt to invest too much time, if you are not going to come back - and see the results.


Thanks. - if anyone here wants me to give feedback on property photos, I'm happy to help.

S Wilden

Hi mike thanks for your input, been away to the alps a few days,
I’ve taken some brighter pictures and put them on!,
It’s frustrating when for years all works so well then stops when the company’s sell there sites to bigger companies, and now even people who stay with me year after year, cannot find me !


I can understand your frustration, but nothing stays the same. Big business is looking out for big business - it will help some and hurt others but overall it's always good for 'big business'... better to focus on what you can change and make the best of it.

Great to hear you have new photos, can you confirm that was your proile i found before ? - with a photo of the dog on the sofa ? I'll take another look and give you my feedback on the new photos ?

If people want to book with you again, but can't find you - you should create an email newsletter, and send it out every 'season' or just before local holidays - let them know whats new and what is happening? - and with a link to your profile on booking.com

Also, now that there are many more options in your area or within 40 miles of your area, people now have more choices, so maybe let them know what is unique about your place, or what is better than other options that they may now be considering.

Keep in mind, that " I could not find your listing... " is maybe just a nice way of saying, " Sorry, we just wanted to stay somewhere 'new' or different, better? cheaper? "

I always try to ask my guests 2 questions, so I can learn and keep making my business better.

1) If i could only change one thing to make your next visit here better - What should it be ?

2) What was a nice surprise, that you did not expect ?

You can always ask, anything else? and find out even more.

The answer to number 1, is a nice way for them to tell me what is the biggest problem i need to fix.
the answer to number 2, will let you know - if you should be promoting some fact or feature more.

Good luck with your listings, and I hope you can figure out how to get more bookings like before.