No guest review

I have not received any guest reviews since December 12th. How do I check to see if this is correct?

Aaltje B.

I assume Lq6741gm that you did have guests after that date the 12th of December.

You can check under reservations at the top in the blue column within extranet.

You should be able to click on the name of your guest, and the date is there as well plus review. My reviews appear on my listing for the whole world to view, so easy to see. Your listing is at the top on the right beside the yellow circle in extranet

Some people never put reviews in. But what you can try is this:

Next time when you have a new guest, you may have to ask friendly if they want to put a review in within say two days after their stay and you tell them why. That way you can test the system. The more reviews you have and with a high score, the more viewers and bookers you will get.

Try that.

Hope this helps,


Aaltje B.