Open initiatives for Bookings com to protect Host


I would like to ask booking com to adapt new initiative. 

That is that guest should also get a review score !!! similar to host 

And benefits to the guest should be assigned accordingly. That would worn hosts when need and encourage guests to act more civil. 

what do you think ? agree? disagree? lets collect enough votes to make it happen  

The Mermaid at Azure

Right indeed! Guest's should also be rated and sanctioned whenever necessary.

My latest experienced devastated our 9.9 Rating just because the guest does not understand what does DOUBLE BED means according to our property descritpion. He expected TWIN BEDS. He left a comment on his 2.9 rating "lo es promoten falso". I understand that he does not speak English. It could be that he does not understand English as well. Therefore, he should not leave rating-devastating comments when he does not understand. Worst, he cancelled his 7 days reservation on the following day. We lost the 6 days business and the our rating went down to 8.2. THIS SHOULD BE A GOOD SITUATION TO CONSIDER RATING THE GUESTS AS WELL.

Nino Jejelava

I had a guest who booked for a month and in the middle of the stay decided to go to the different city, in order to not pay cancellation fee, he contacted booking com saying there is a terrible smell, (which was not true) and he needs to leave. He got his way since that was something his word against ours and after he got right to write us a review !!!!

I had a guest who stole all the towels.

I had a guest who said she left a shampoo worth 200 USD and requested me to reimburse it otherwise she would give bad score. (she didn't left anything by the way ) For her entire stay she paid not more than 50 USD by the way ....

had a guest who decided she wants to clean the floor on which she broke wine glass (with red wine) with bed sheets ....

Also there are fake accounts (i guess created by competitor properties) which book your property, never come on contact, to block your property from been booked and with that competitors just keep on increasing their own chances to get booked.

I wish I could rate them as well and worn other hosts to be careful, I am sure thats the strategy they apply systematically.

On the other hand I had nicest guests ever, which i wish I could reword for been such a great guests!!!

The Mermaid at Azure

Hi Nino,

I understand your frustrations. Calling the attention of Booking.com and hear us on these dilemmas. We need to have options and be heard as well before considering those unverified comments and ratings.


Indeed we do need options. The option to rate a guest would be a real positive for the tourism industry. We may not be able to refuse the guest booking, but we would be forwarned to watch out for the behaviour. If I know I'm getting a problem guest I have in the past asked them to sign a terms and conditions form on arrival. I don't usually bother with this for all guests.

There needs to be a terms and conditions box for guests to agree to when actually booking and it needs to be able to be enforced if necessary. Booking.com should take the responsibility for attracting all the different kinds of guests we take in on their behalf. There needs to be a bond in case of damages. Credit cards don't cut it these days and many only have debit cards with no credit when you need it. And the process of taking a security deposit and then refunding it is cumbersome and an impost on nice guests, it sometimes takes days or weeks to get a refund through. Well that was my experience in USA..

Many complex issues for accommodation providers to now deal with when the OTA don't take any responsibility for their customers.

Happy weekend to you all.


The Mermaid at Azure

Well said Gina and thank you for sharing.

I also noticed that our opportunity to include important points on the FINE PRINT is limited. I would suggest to have few more spaces to include vital points that guests should bear in mind.

Booking.com should also make one final reminder to the guest upon paying online that to ensure that they should have gone through and have understood the reservation policy, fine points, house rules and the kind of room/property that they are booking. Example: Understood the difference between a DOUBLE-BED and the TWIN BED. Gosh...I had the worst experience on this :)

And, after clicking the box signifying that they have reviewed and understood, the contract is binding and guest's negative comments and ratings that are not within the context of their reservation contract should not be counted towards our overall rating.

I am very please about the business that Booking.com provides us. My only concern is the lack of their control over guest's ratings and comments. I hope Booking.com hear and listens to this dilemma.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Le Balcon des Jasses

Be positive, you will only be good if you like what you are doing. Listen to your guest, take notice of everything, change and smile....

I work with Booking.com, and its great, if I say any thing, a vlittle expensive, 10% wan great, but ok, visitor pay, and we do the job... Be positive, do it be course you love to do it, and the rating will arrive... Good Luck


Le Balcon des Jasses, France


We definitely need to be able to warn other hosts of bad guests. I have just had a guest who lied to get a refund saying he had no hot water or heating when the boiler supply of the cottage he stayed in fed the main house - they had hot water and heating so he must have. He also had a bath as he left marks on the bath. I need to be able to warn other people not to host this dishonest person.

Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi Dianawhitfield

We don't know the "total" situations from what you write here, but, I just want to say:

Always listen to your visitor, maybe a little things was unexpected for them, and (maybe) the problem grow..............

But I never had a problem, even people complain, some people complain about anythings; but try to "turn" the Negative to positive, It is possible to make unhappy visitor HAPPY...

Listen, listen, solve solve..

Good luck, (I run B+B in 17 years now, and 9.5 (95%) are happy)

Le Balcon des Jasses, Espere France


Ar Di Ti Z

That is true and very unfair for us!!! We do need a bit protection from “evil” guests