No bookings for long time. Off season discount already exists.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

We're all experiencing this during the off peak season. I suggest a lot of marketing via Social Media as it helps get the people to consider it.

Best of luck!

Anthurium Apartment

My biggest bother,is persons reserve spaces and do not show up,or cancel,i would like to change my cancellation policy,the one i have now is flexible.Tell me which one you uses, and what you think are the advantages and disadvantages of the one you suggest.i think i am loosing immensely as a result of my cancellation policy i have now.For example,i had this client,who booked 12-15,and went on to book 16 t0 23 June,and this are the persons ,most times,who do not communicate effectively.

Please advise.


Anthurium Apartment

My apologies,i should have introduced myself.My name is Alitha George,from the Commonwealth of Dominica.Iown and operate Anthurium Apartment,with the help of my son.We have a passion for making people happy,meeting people's needs is our business.So we operate on a person to person basis,so if you visit and you want breakfast in bed,we do that,if you want to go on hiking trip and leave your 2- year old with us,we do that.you may just want to chill out and speak to me at my personal home for the day,i am free and available,i am a retired health worker and i am never too busy to meet and greet my guest.

We just love people. For your meals,we have an equipped kitchen,but if you want me to cook for you i do that based on your dietary needs and preferences.

We seek to improve our services ,everytime,based on the voice of our client Developing our business is at our customers command.