The Partner Community is getting a new name

Dear community members,

Alex here from the Partner Hub team.

Since the beginning, we’ve always had the aspiration of making this place an inclusive and safe environment for partners from all over the world to connect.

And now that we have started launching regional communities as well, we think it’s the right time to formally name this the Global Partner Community.

You can see there’s a new icon on top of the page, along with an updated title. We’ve done this to better reflect the international character of this community and what it stands for.

Other than this, nothing will really change for you. We will continue to welcome your thoughts, feedback, and we remain committed to you as community managers.

The preferred language here will remain English - reflecting the official language of Booking.com. Remember, for those of you who are Italian, we of course welcome you to the Italian community - and the newly launched United States community remains open for any of you who are located in the US.


From myself and the team, I wanted to say thank you for being part of what we do!


Isle of Wight …

So ...... after lots of careful thought, you decided to change nothing .....

Well, from all of us, thanks for nothing .....

Isle of Wight …

Alex, instead of putting lots of time and thought into doing basically nothing, please can you all put some time and thought into fixing some of the many problems with Booking.com, including:

- the faulty calendar sync that causes double bookings

- the poorly informed support staff who don't read messages and reply with utter nonsense

- the many other bugs in the Booking.com systems

- protecting owners / hosts / properties and the next guests by taking damage deposits in the same way as other booking channels

- protecting owners and hosts from attempted blackmail

The list goes on and on and on .......

Alex - Content…

Hi Isle of Wight Vacations   Appreciate the honesty, and I'm sorry if it seems that way. We in the Partner Hub team share all the feedback we see in the Community with our colleagues that can act upon it.

Often, it's the thoughts shared by people such as yourself that can help clarify and prioritise fixes. This is, and will remain, a big part of what we do in the Partner Hub team.


Isle of Wight …

Thanks Alex. Perhaps you could share some insight into the thought processes of the Partner Hub team?

For example, there are dozens and dozens of reports in this community of BDC's faulty calendar sync causing double bookings, so there must be hundreds of thousands of these worldwide. And it's a fairly simple fix - if hundreds of channel managers can process and store data correctly, surely a global corporation can do the same?

Does the Partner Hub team's thought process regarding this involve so much beer that you forget what you met to discuss? Or so much beer that you decide to ignore the problem?


Way to go, Isle of Wight! 

- I've been complaining about the disastrous state of the Booking.com messaging functions for weeks - no change.

- I've been asking why my Booking.com reviews aren't showing on Google or Tripadvisor for five years - no change.

- I've been asking Booking.com for fix their site so that guests cannot book a room without first reading the individual room description and, say, checking a box to confirm they have.

- I've been asking them to stop guests leaving reviews that complain they had to, say, share a bathroom, when the shared bathroom was described in the offer - no change.

The frustration with these issues is driving hosts away from Booking.com and failing both guests and hosts.  Half the planet can code software now, so why are none of these faults corrected???


Isle of Wight …

I think Booking.com's programmer is only allowed maybe an hour a day of programming after school ....