Prefered partnership at risk

Dear all I got an email telling,that my unit is at risk by 22/06/2018 ,and I do not understand this and look for help...please go through the last emails sent to me ..in order to give us an answer.


thank you 


the unit owner


We have had the same email and this was related to our rates on different websites. we made sure all the rates were the same but when we go on the BDC extranet and check, it still says that there are sites getting lower rates. When we go to the said websites the rate is the same and it is those sites ploy to display a lower rate then when a person books, it ends up as the rate we put up e.g one site shows the rate as $80 yet we have put the rate at $85, guest clicks on the offer and it shows up as $85. the main culprit is TripAdvisor As you can seem above this is causing headaches for us and our rating is low because of this. Also BDC shows its Genius booker rate and not the actual rate and this is also problematic for us as other websites complain about this. There is really no way to balance this.